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Launched by Intertec Data Systems, the Superbrain was a disk-based system running the popular CP/M operating system. The base model came with 16K of RAM, upgradable to 64K, and the twin 5¼-inch drives could store 170K each (with single-sided drives) or 340K (for double-sided units). Like many CP/M machines, the Superbrain was powered by a Z80 CPU, but was notable for having two of them - one for the main processing, the other as a disk drive controller. Later versions replaced one of the floppy drives with a hard disk (with an initial capacity of 5MB, increasing to 10MB on later models). The Superbrain has the distinction of being the system on which the first Kermit file transfer took place, on 29 April 1981 at Columbia University, where it was used to transfer files with the university's mainframe computers.
Intertec Data Systems, 1980

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