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Released by Osborne Computer Corporation, the OCC 1 (to give it's proper model number) was the first commercially successful portable computer. Powered by a 4Mhz Z80 processor, alongside 64K of RAM and two 5 1/4" drives, the system ran the popular CP/M operating system. One of its notable selling points was that it came bundled with a range of popular applications (including Wordstar, SuperCalc and dBASE II) then worth around $1,500 (representing good value, given that the system itself sold for $1,795). Situated in the middle of the unit, the 5" monochrome screen displays 52x24 characters (and it was considered small even back in 1981). Weighing 10.7kg, the device was in no sense a laptop, but in its day would still qualify as airline carry-on luggage.

In addition to being a convenient place to store disks, the slots under the disk drives could be used to house peripherals (e.g. a modem unit), which could then plug into the associated socket at the front of the machine.

This model is from the second release of the system, and has a slightly different case and styling to the original
Osborne Computer Corporation, 1981

Donated/on loan from: Centre for Security, Communications and Network Research (CSCAN), Plymouth University