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Perhaps notable for being the only Pac-Man game that was less like the arcade original than Munchman was! Mini-Munchman was a pocket-sized game with a monochromatic LCD display, which also doubled as a clock and alarm (clearly aping the defining characteristic of Nintendo's popular Game & Watch series). As for the game, there were ghosts and a maze, but this is arguably where many of the similarities with the original Pac-Man came to an end (even the dots were now replaced by a collection of fruit). Nonetheless, it was very popular and made for a reasonable little game in its own right, not least because of the portability and battery life compared to its bigger brethren.
CGL, 1981

Donated/on loan from: Centre for Security, Communications and Network Research (CSCAN), Plymouth University


Grandstand Mini-Munchman

Puck Monster

A very respectable handheld Pac-Man game, offering a playfield that was similar to the arcade concept, and control via a small joystick rather than the direction buttons that other handhelds of the era had tended towards. Colourful LED graphics, a decent speed, and the fact that your Pac-Man cha... (read more)
CGL, 1982

Galaxy Invader

Galaxy Invader is a classic style shoot-em-up, clearly inspired by arcade hit Space Invaders. The invaders in this case are presented at random positions across a 3-column green LED display, and are worth different points depending upon how far up the screen they are shot. As in the original sp... (read more)
CGL, 1981