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In many ways a Welsh clone of the Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer, the Dragon 32 was particularly popular in the Christmas of 1982... thanks in part to the short supply of the ZX Spectrum. In common with the Tandy system, it used a Motorola 6809E processor, setting it apart from the many Z80 and 6502-based peers. Other (Spectrum-beating) features were the fact that it had Microsoft Extended BASIC in ROM and a proper keyboard. Looking from the South West UK perspective, the Dragon has something of a local connection, with one of the major software houses that produced games for it being St Austell-based Microdeal. Many of Microdeal's games were very respectable conversions of classic arcade games of the era, as well as many titles involving their own company mascot, Cuthbert. All was good, as long as you liked a green background...
Dragon Data, 1982

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Dragon 32

The Dragon 32