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November 7th, 2016 Our 7th retro-computing event was open to the public as part of the BCS South West events programme.

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Our permanent display is located in the Portland Square building at the University of Plymouth. Visitors are always welcome and may visit the exhibits without prior arrangement (during normal working hours). We only have a subset of the exhibits on display at any time, showing around 250 items.
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Dragon 32

In many ways a Welsh clone of the Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer, the Dragon 32 was particularly popular in the Christmas of 1982... thanks in part to the short supply of the ZX Spectrum. In common with the Tandy system, it used a Motorola 6809E processor, setting it apart from the many Z80 and 650... (read more)
Dragon Data, 1982

If you have any old/historic equipment you would consider donating to the South-West Retro Computing Archive, please contact our curator. All donated devices are catalogued and may be displayed with an accompanying label identifying the donor (you may choose to remain anonymous).