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The TI-99/4 series was notable for being the first personal computers to offer 16-bit processors. The TI-99/4A has a TMS9900 CPU running at 3MHz, with 16K RAM and a further 16K of video RAM (supporting a graphics resolution of 256x192 on 16 colours). In addition, software could be purchased on 36K ROM cartridges (like the one displayed here). The system was highly expandable, supporting up to seven devices via an expansion slot on the right-hand side (including 32 KB RAM extension, RS232c interface, Disk controller (90 KB per disk, up to 3 disk-drives), speech synthetiser, and a further Peripheral Expansion box). Production of the machine ended in 1984, after price wars had forced TI to withdraw from the home computer market.
Texas Instruments, 1981

Donated/on loan from: Prof. Steven Furnell, Plymouth University

Texas Instruments TI-99/4A

Front view of the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A

The Little Professor
(Texas Instruments)

The Little Professor<br />
(Texas Instruments)

The Little Professor was a children's educational toy / game released by Texas Instruments in 1976. Electronic calculators were now low cost available items which could be targetted at children and those with straightforward requirements. (read more)
Texas Instruments, 1976